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A Discord porn bot, with a focus on hentai~

  • Owner: Neko#0013
  • Prefix(es): * or @Mention
  • Servers: 39243
  • Shards: 40

Nekos Furry Porn Real Gif

KinkBot was the first true porn bot to be made available to the public, and although she is aging slightly she has a comback planned for the near future.

KinkBot has plenty of NSFW options:
- Hentai
- Catgirls
- Rule34
- Gelbooru
- Furry
- Realbooru
- Real NSFW
- Gifs

She fully supports all extension types that boorus might send and even has an option to disable embeds.

If you want access to the new *pornbomb command, just donate a mere $1/mo at

ID: 367399138767273987