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Collects emotes from any server and lets you use them without Nitro.

  • Owner: lambda#0987
  • Prefix(es): ec/ or @Emote Collector#3350
  • Servers: 5729


Emote Collector

Emote Collector lets you use emotes you don't have, even without Nitro. Once you've found an emote you'd like to use, just send it as if you were sending a regular Discord emote (e.g. :speedtest:). It will be detected and sent by the bot. Using semicolons (;thonkang;) is also supported.


To add an emote:

  • ec/add :thonkang: (if you already have that emote)
  • ec/add rollsafe https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/06/1486495269-rollsafe.png
  • ec/add speedtest https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/379127000398430219.png
If you invoke ec/add with an image upload, the image will be used as the emote image, and the filename will be used as the emote name. To choose a different name, simply run it like
ec/add :some_emote: instead.

Running ec/info :some_emote: will show you some information about the emote, including when it was created and how many times it's been used.

Running ec/big :some_emote: will enlarge the emote.

There's a few ways to react to a message with an emote you don't have:

  • ec/react speedtest will react with :speedtest: to the last message.
  • ec/react :speedtest: hello there will react with :speedtest: to the most recent message containing "hello there".
  • ec/react speedtest @Someone will react with :speedtest: to the last message by Someone.
  • ec/react ;speedtest; -2 will react with :speedtest: to the second-to-last message.
  • ec/react speedtest 462092903540457473 will react with :speedtest: to message ID 462092903540457473.
After running this command, the bot will wait for you to also react. Once you react, or after 30s, the bot will remove its reaction. Confused? It works like this:
demonstration of how the ec/react command works

ec/list [user] gives you a list of all emotes. If you provide a user (IDs, names, and @mentions all work), then the bot will limit the list to only emotes created by that user.

ec/popular will list all emotes, sorted by how often they've been used within the last 4 weeks.

That's it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

ID: 405953712113057794