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Enhance your server and make it more fun! Add Aru, the personal angel that your server need!

  • Owner: AdrianTodt#0722
  • Prefix(es): aru!

Music Gif Weeb Gifs

Now with action commands and 100% clean unlocked music!

Add me today to get first-class unlocked music, 30+ action commands, 10+ image commands and much more delivered directly to your server!!

Hi, I'm Aru, the personal angel guardian that your server need!

I can provide you and your server with:

  • 99.9% uptime and support server with priority bug-fixing
  • First-class Music with unlocked volume and queue limit
  • More than 30 different Action Commands to make your chat more fun with cute anime gifs!
  • 14 Image Commands, providing your chat with cats, nekos, jibril gifs and even jojo references!
  • Fun Commands to help you roleplaying: choose, coin flipping, dice rolling and more!
  • HungerGames Simulator, where you make all the members of the server battle until the last man standing.

ID: 406082711271374848