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The best multipurpose bot , with plenty of commands and functions that will improve your server.

  • Owner: Pete#1928
  • Prefix(es): !(or custom)
  • Co-Owner(s): 237490126714961920

Moderation Economy Memes Levelling


1. Moderation commands
2. Fun commands (memes etc.)
3. Role Management
4. Logging (make sure you have a channel called logs)
5. Fortnite stats and for other games!
6. Short urls
7. Get some general info about your server , roles etc
8. Do different tricks with your avatar and your text
9. Different games that you can play with your friends
10. etc

How to use the bot :
To begin with , since the bot has plenty of features you need to make sure that you have all the permissions required (manage roles, manage server , manage messages , send messages , join voice channel , kick members , ban memmbers , move members , mute)

You can use !help to get the help command which includes all the commands that can be used! Make sure you read the message that follows the command because it gives you the usage of the command incase you have any problems using it!
Deadpool has about 45 public commands and more will be added soon..


Incase you find any bugs make sure you report them by saying !report and the bug you found

If the bug does not get fixed soon you will need to type !invite and the bot will invite you to our official support server.

Hope you enjoy our service!!!

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