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A community wiki for your server

  • Owner: lambda#0987
  • Prefix(es): cm/
  • Servers: 180


Cautious Memory

A bot that lets you set up wiki pages for your server.
Wiki pages are like "tags" from other bots but editable by everyone and owned by no-one.
You could use them to document your community lore, or make a "who's who" of your server.
The sky's the limit!


  • cm/create <title> <content> — creates a new wiki page
  • cm/edit <title> <content> — edits an existing wiki page
  • cm/show <title> — shows the contents of a page
  • cm/history <title> — shows when the page was revised, use cm/diff to view the changes between two specific revisions
  • cm/rename <old title> <new title> — renames a page
  • cm/search <query> — searches for pages with titles similar to your query
  • cm/alias <new title> <old title> — creates a page alias that points to another page
  • cm/stats [title] — shows page statistics (such as usage and revision count) for the whole server or a specific page
  • cm/watch <title> — watches a page. You will be notified when it is edited or deleted.
  • cm/unwatch <tilte> — removes a page from your watch list.
  • cm/watch-list — shows you your watch list.

Permissions commands

Cautious Memory features a permissions system similar to Discord's,
with role permissions and page-specific permission overwrite support.
Run cm/help Wiki Permissions for an introduction and list of commands.

Binding commands

Want to make a rules channel editable by any moderator? Cautious Memory has a "page binding" feature.
This lets you "bind" a given page to a message sent by the bot. Whenever the page is edited,
the message will be edited to reflect the contents of the page. Combined with the permissions system,
this lets you make a message that is editable by more than one person.
Run cm/help Message Binding for more details.

ID: 541707781665718302