Frequently Asked Questions

  • Another bot listing website? Really?

    Yes, really; however, LBots is something different. We love NSFW, so much so we even promote it. You can toggle NSFW mode in the Dashboard and see the site's theme completely change. Even if NSFW isn't your thing, there's still plenty of support for normal bots.

  • How long until my bot is approved?

    Under most circumstances, it will take up to a week for your bot to make it through the queue, depending on the traffic we're receiving. However, we normally aim for a 2-day waiting period for bot approval. Please be patient and understand we are only humans and need some sleep.

  • Why should I add the LBots Bot?

    By adding the bot, we are able to automatically update fields such as your name and discriminator even when you leave our server for any reason. Additionally, users are able to be added directly into your server without the use of an invite code.

  • Why do I need to give permission to join servers on my behalf?

    Honestly speaking, it's just a neat little feature that simplifies joining. When logged in, some support server invites will make a popup asking if you want to join a server. Clicking confirm will magically make your Discord account join the specified server. Servers we have verified as not being "Dodgy" will display a small green tick on the popup.

  • How can I get my Discord server verified?

    Currently, there is no way for us to automatically check the safety of everyone's server. If you feel like your server is suitable for a green tick, just DM a staff member in the Support Server.

  • How do I get an API key for my bot?

    First, go to your bot's page. Click edit on the right hand side, and then "API Keys". If your bot already has one generated, you can just click copy and on most browsers it will be on your clipboard. If you don't already have one, simply press generate and then you should be able to copy your key.

  • What HTML is allowed in the long description?

    Only a limited amount of tags and markup is permitted in the long description of your bot. The full list is: p,i,u,b,s,sup,sub,br,em,blockquote,ol,ul,li,code,pre,del,kbd,output,a,strong,h1-6,a,img. For newlines, make sure to use the
    tag as we don't replace linebreak characters with break tags automatically.

  • What are account types? How can I change mine?

    There are two types of account, User and Developer. If you just want to browse for bots and add them to your servers, this is the option for you. If you want to get your own bot out into the wild and used by many, we request access to your server list so we can let you choose a Support Server.
    If you need to change account type and enabled the Remember Choice button, you can wait 2 weeks or delete the cookie named loginpref by (usually) clicking the padlock icon.

  • I think there should be tag X or tag Y is obselete.

    If you want to suggest removal or addition of a new or existing tag, you can fill out a form and we'll get back to you on what we think.