Bot Dashboards / Mini-websites

This feature is still currently experimental - there may be bugs and changes in the near future!

What is This?

LBots panels are accessible for free to anyone who has published a bot to our website. Through the editor, you can add components and customise them to create your own mini-website hosted as a page on ours. The idea is that you can create a fully-fledged bot dashboard without worrying about OAuth, XSS, CSRF, and other major security concerns you'd have to deal with when left alone to create it.

Panel Access Button You'll see this button on the left hand side of your screen when viewing a bot's page. When you click it, it will take you to the dashboard / mini-website for the bot. If the panel isn't setup, a notification will appear to inform you that the panel isn't configured.

Why are they Useful?

Not only does creating the dashboard remove security concerns and save you time, but it also requires absolutely no knowledge of web programming languages. This is great for new developers or people who struggle to grasp HTML / CSS / JS concepts. Also great if you're like us and hate JS....
If you don't want to implement one, that's fine! However, the whole idea is that anyone can customise your bot and get a more detailed amount of information about it from our page.

Editing the Page

If you are logged in and the owner of the bot, when you visit your bot's panel you will see two buttons. Panel Edit Button The left Server Select button is a list of guilds the user is in where they have Manage Server permission. If you post your guild IDs (read on) to us, we will filter their servers to this as well.
Note: Should you decide not to do this and a user selects a server that is not mutual with your bot and submits data, it will be up to you (as a developer) to check that the guild is in fact mutual with the user.

Once on the edit page, there are many options available. The basics are to fill in fields (hover over or click the question marks to see a preview of sample data) and then drag & drop components from the left to the right. Once you have a setup that you like, scroll down and click Save Configuration or you'll lose your progress.

Subdomains & Redirects

A feature for those who enjoy the panel and feel like it could benefit them even more.

You can have the panel be visible on and even get access to redirects ( -> if you are looking to make the most out of LBots. The future plans are to include different pages with different options on them and dynamic data (such as auto-filling the user's name or ID, etc in a text box), analytics options, and limited custom CSS support. A possible idea we're looking into is having your own domain and a custom nav menu / footer.

Pricing is subject to change, so it's best to email us at [email protected] with what you're looking to get out of this and how serious you are.