SFW Bots

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Sheri Blossom
Probably the best furry discord bot on discord 🐾

Furry Levelling Images Social

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Catgirls are hot

Nekos Cats Economy Games

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Utility bot for integration with the website.

Invites Moderation

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CatGirl Paradise
250+ Commands,BunnyGirl Pics, CatGirl Pics, FoxGirl Pics, 100+ Anime Gifs,Memes/Jokes

Images Memes Nekos Hentai Anime

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High quality music, Economy, Logging and much more!

Economy Memes Levelling Music Moderation

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Integrate the best of YouTube into your server! Includes statistics, information, and more.

Video Youtube Music Livestreams Non-english

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Β This bot is a multipurpose bot, with regexp and plain word highlight's, logging and lots more.

Logging Multilingual Moderation Roles

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Music, moderation, images, nsfw, and many more !

Moderation Economy Music Hentai Porn

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Currency BOT
For when you really have no clue how much a thing in a different currency is.


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Discourse, Levelling, Antiraid, Logging, etc...


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yup, it's the worst furry discord bot for your great servers

Furry Images

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A newest music bot with 24/7 uptime.

Hentai Weeb Music Moderation