SFW Bots

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Reaper's Avatar

A multipurpose bot to match all your needs with moderation, music, fun, game stats & much more!

Economy Moderation Images

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ReBot's Avatar

Bot with Meme generation, ImageMagick, Text and other dumb commands.

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SafetyAtLast™'s Avatar

SafetyAtLast is a unique moderation bot focused around malware prevention, user safety, and more!

Moderation Logging Utility

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An anime based Hentai / Image / RolePlay bot

Porn Hentai Anime Gifs

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Sheri Blossom's Avatar

Sheri Blossom
Probably the best furry discord bot on discord 🐾

Furry Levelling Images Social

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SolidBot's Avatar

Solidbot is Multi-Bot with 110+ commands, now is in BETA.

Music Moderation Porn Animals

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Spudnik's Avatar

Focused on guild management and adding interesting and useful functionality to your server.

Moderation Memes Roles Games Logging

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Thunderbolt's Avatar

A Multipurpose Discord Bot Which Has So Many Commands Which Helps To Power-up Your Server.

Moderation Economy Logging Music

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T_Moderator_Bot's Avatar

This bot contains Moderation, Fun, Search, Economy, and Support commands.

Moderation Economy Music Levelling

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To-do Bot's Avatar

To-do Bot
Ever have too many tasks to do, but don't want more software open? If so, this is the bot for you!


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Who needs a girlfriend when you have a Waifu? :3 150+ commands with paginated help, nekos and memes

Memes Anime Images Hentai Nekos

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Watchdog Bot's Avatar

Watchdog Bot
Watchdog Bot || Moderation || Music || Config || Economy || Fun

Moderation Economy